Why I became I Life Coach

Why I became I Life Coach

I was recently asked why I became a life coach, and I replied because I genuinely love helping people. Still, more specifically, I love working with and supporting women. For my entire adult life, I have been in a serving role or position, so it seemed natural that I transitioned into Life Coaching.

My undergraduate degree is in Psychology and Women’s Study, and my master’s is in Human Resources. Before working in the Direct Sales Industry, I was a Social Worker, so when I began to look into phasing into the next chapter of my life, I wanted to continue working with women while using my past experiences. So I became a Life Coach! A decision I have not regretted.

I love people and have a heartfelt desire to help them. It comes naturally to me. When someone shares a problem or a vision, I want to become their supporter. I am a good listener, and I have always had an open-door policy where friends and family can talk to me. I can show sympathy when sympathy is needed, but I can also help people make desired changes.

I truly believe in celebrating an individual’s successes. Everybody needs someone to cheer them on and to hold them accountable. When you have a vision, sometimes you lose sight of it, but when you have a Life Coach, they can help you focus on the goal. I am curious, so I ask lots of questions that gets my clients thinking and digging deep. I also like to remind people how far they have come because it motivates them to keep ongoing.

I am comfortable with silence because I know that means breakthroughs are happening. In my work, you can’t be judgemental, so I believe people should be who they are. We celebrate victories and learn from our mistakes during sessions.

The biggest and the best part of being a Life Coach is being the motivator, the inspirer, and celebrator for my client.

If you are curious about what it would be like to work with me, you can send me a message at jennifer@jenniferminchin.com, and we can schedule a FREE session to see if we are a right fit.

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