Eight Dimensions of Wellness

Eight Dimensions of Wellness

I used to be constantly overwhelmed. To fix this, I learned, to maintain a healthy mental balance, I needed to keep the eight dimensions of wellness in check. The eight dimensions are like a well-calibrated machine; however, if one is out of alignment, it can cause havoc on your system.

Here are the eight dimensions of wellness in detail:

  1. Mental Wellness: looking after your mental health. Activities can include: affirmations, practicing gratitude, mindfulness, limiting social media.
  2. Physical Wellness: taking care of your body through exercise, nutrition, and hydration. Limiting alcohol use.
  3. Emotional Wellness: managing stress, coping mechanisms, coping with difficult emotions, and practicing mindfulness.
  4. Intellectual Wellness: participating in activities that spark mental stimulation.
  5. Spiritual Wellness: learning and practicing your core beliefs and values.
  6. Environmental Wellness: creating an environment that cultivates joy and happiness, but most of all safety.
  7. Social Wellness: creating and maintaining deep and meaningful relationships that are positive to your well being.
  8. Financial Wellness: making sure your finances are in order.

Obviously, for me, my mental and emotional wellness are the most important areas for me to maintain since I have bipolar. Every day I make sure to practice self-care by having a morning routine. It includes time alone to work out, read, journal, and meditate. I also practice gratitude and plan out my day. When you have bipolar, a routine is very important.

For financial wellness, Mike and I meet regularly to discuss our financial goals and where we are at each week. It was not always like this and this would cause stress in my life; however, we now have a system in place.

I pride myself on reading, playing games, and taking courses to further my education, so I get plenty of intellectual wellness. I am continually working on making sure I get out with my friends and not being so much of a homebody. Now that I have my medication leveled out, and my anxiety is at bay, I don’t struggle going out with friends so much. I make it a priority to go out with my husband and friends a few times a month, so I am getting social interaction.

We work as a family to make sure our home is inviting and comfortable. We divide up our chores so that everyone is contributing so it just does not fall on me anymore. Finally, I have a strong faith. I spend time in prayer each day and in God’s word.

As long as I am balanced in all eight areas, I am doing well. If one area comes of kilter, I work hard to get back on track so that I maintain a healthy well being.

I encourage you to take out your journal and assess yourself. See where you are at and if you are off in an area work on it so you can be well balanced.



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