The Makings of Mentally Strong Kids.

The Makings of Mentally Strong Kids.

I think parenting is one of the hardest jobs in the world; however, the most rewarding one as well! I would not trade becoming a mom for anything in the world. I remember when they handed me my daughter, for the first time, I was mesmerized by her. I prayed a silent prayer that God would bless me with wisdom to do what is right by her. I said the same prayer after the birth of Michael and Audrey.

My prayer is a bit different now. Now I pray for the discernment to help raise mentally strong children with strong characteristics that will serve others. I pray for my children to have an attitude of gratitude. I want them to always have a thankful heart regardless of the circumstance we are facing as a family or they may be facing alone.

In order for them to learn to apologize for when they do wrong, they had to learn from their dad and I. So when we make mistakes, we have apologized to them. That is not always easy but it is a necessity if we want our children to practice it. They learn by witnessing what we do.

Mike and I model helping out neighbors and family. We want our children to understand serving others is important and even the little things like helping shovel the snow can mean the world to someone. We explain about tithing to our church and the importance of volunteering.

Another important lesson is effort supersedes their grades, We expect them to try their best but we don’t expect them to be perfect. We actually welcome failure so they can grow from it. If they learn failure is ok, the will learn to grow from failure instead of being stuck with a fixed mindset. They need to realize failure is a part of life. Another lesson they will learn is that not everything will go their way. They need to learn to be flexible.

During these epic and turbulent times, we try to instill to our children that regardless of gender, race, physical, mental, and sexual orientation everyone is created equally and should be treated with respect. I pray they understand that Jesus said to love your neighbor and that meant to love everyone.

Parenting is not an easy task but like I said it is well worth it. I am not perfect. I fail forward daily doing this parenting thing but somehow I was given grace each and every time as you are too.



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