Life Lessons I Learned

Life Lessons I Learned

Over the past several years, I have learned many life lessons, and I thought I would share some of them with you; since they have changed my life significantly.

My first life lesson: it does not matter what people think. There will be people who cheer you on and celebrate you; however, there will be people who want to take you down when you are experiencing success or in the middle of chaos. Always remember to stay in your own lane and lean in into your tribe of supporters who really care about you. Forget the haters because they don’t matter in the scheme of things!

Life lesson two: hard works pays off. Each small step you take towards a goal/dream will create a ripple effect. The small choices plus consistency plus time will create a compound effect that yields your dream and/or goal!

Life lesson three: it is good to fail! Actually, it is excellent to fail! When you fail, you learn. When you learn, you adjust and make things happen. When you make things happen, you create momentum, and then you have learned from failure. I believe in failing forward. We were not meant to be perfect. When you learn from failure, you are learning with a growth mindset. When you crumble because failure, you are operating with a fixed mindset, and you will not learn from your mistakes.

Life lesson four: learning to say no is so important. I was a chronic people-pleaser, and it did not bring me joy. I enjoyed doing things for people out of love but peopl-pleasing is not doing things out of love. People pleasing is doing things out of guilt. Once I got rid of the guilt, and I learned to say no, I felt free! I learned to say yes to the things I wanted to because they brought me joy and said no to the things that did not bring me joy.

Life lesson five: stay away from toxic people. I have learned I do not need people in my life that do not bring me joy or radiate a positivity. I have unfriended people on Social Media because of the negativity they have spread through their feed. They either are spreading gossip, political rants, and/or they constanty complain. I prefer to be around people who can spread joy and the good in the world. There is enough negativity in the news.

I hope my life lessons have resonated with you. I have plenty of more that I have learned and maybe I will share them for another time 🙂

I would love to hear some of your life lessons so message me back.



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