Why I started journaling and you should too.

Why I started journaling and you should too.

As long as I can remember, I have journaled. I have 100’s of journals from over the years and probably some that I threw away. I started journaling when I was in the hospital for Bulimia and depression when I was 14 years old. The therapist thought it would be a good idea for me to express my thoughts down on paper instead of pushing them down with food and later throwing them up.

After leaving the hospital, I kept up with journaling. I journal first thing in the morning well before the rest of the house is awake. Sometimes, I free- flow what I write or sometimes I use journaling prompts to help get what is stuck in my head down on paper,

I also document our life in my journal so I can remember our special times and even the times of struggles! Some of the journaling pages contain my dreams and aspirations. I cast my visions for my Life Coaching Business and set my daily intentions. I end my journaling session with gratitude and prayer for my day.

When I begin working with a client, I encourage them to begin journal even if it a few times a week.

If you are looking to get started here are a few tips:

  1. Find a journal that motivates you to want to write and fits your personality.
  2. Use a pen that you like to write with!
  3. Set aside at least 15-20 minutes of quiet time.
  4. Write freely from what comes from your heart.
  5. Or use journaling prompts that you find on Pinterest.

With all things, it takes time to begin journaling. You need to be patient with yourself. Before I begin journaling, I take a few minutes to sit in silence to just let myself be then I can begin journaling. There will be days you will find yourself writing for a long time and there will be times you will find yourself writing for just a few minutes. That is ok! You got this! Have fun with it.



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  1. I recently started journaling and it had helped me so much. Especially in the morning, it sets the tone for my day. Love this post!

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