Spring: My Favorite Time of the Year!

Spring: My Favorite Time of the Year!

I love spring because it represents the rebirth of nature. The flowers start to bloom, the birds start laying eggs, and the trees begin to grow their leaves. Not only is it a rebirth for nature, but it is a rebirth for me!

I take this opportunity to reflect and see where I am at for the year. I look at my goals, my dreams, and my visions for my life. For instance, today is my birthday. I spent time documenting how far I have come since last May 18; however, I also reflected how far I have come since January 1.

I sat and journaled for an hour this morning on where I was a year ago and how far I have come. I was in such a dark space that I honestly don’t remember much about my birthday. However, I can look at the significant changes I have made since then.

I am stronger, wiser, more authentic, and willing to share the challenges I have overcome so others can learn from my experiences. After reflecting with my Mentor, I came to realize I had so many WINs this year!

I have created an open relationship with children. The time we spend together is better quality. I also have repaired my relationship with my husband. We fought for our marriage, and in the end, our love won over calling it quits. I chose to live instead of giving up on life. I have re-invested in relationships that I set on the back burner because I was struggling with life.

I love springtime for many reasons such as the smell of fresh-cut grass, thunderstorms, birds chirping, celebrating Mother’s Day, and, most of all, my birthday! The best reason is the opportunity to take inventory of where I have grown since my last birthday!



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