What to look for in a Life Coach?

What to look for in a Life Coach?

It is important to understand the Life Coach you have chosen. You should know their specialties and make sure they fit your needs. When working together, the atmosphere should be positive and understanding. You should be able to trust them because they can’t help you if they don’t know what is going on.

The best way to find out if you will be a good fit for a particular Life Coach is to arrange a Discovery Call with them. Discovery Calls are usually free, and they last about thirty minutes.

It is an opportunity for the Life Coach to ask you some questions, and you to do the same.

The number one skill for a Life Coach is having a genuine desire to help their clients. Their main priority should be to help. It should fuel them in a way that makes them want to show up to work and serve their clients in an extraordinary way.

Life Coaches need to have impeccable listening skills. Not only do they need to hear you, but they should also understand what you are saying. They should be able to provide you with feedback about what you said from a few sessions ago and ask deeper questions to help you explore topics further.

Coaches provide a judgment-free zone. You should be able to speak freely and openly without feeling pressure or judgment. Life Coaches shouldn’t focus on your mistakes or setbacks; they should, however, help you work through them.

Life Coaches usually encourage you to make declarations at the end of each session. A good life coach will help make sure it fulfills what you want to do before the next time you speak. This will hold you accountable to your goals and dreams.

A good Life Coach loves to celebrate your wins, successes, and growths, but they will also celebrate your setbacks. Because sometimes these are an opportunity for growth!

If you have been reading my posts and wondering if I would make a good Life Coach for you, why don’t you schedule a FREE Discovery Call?

We can talk for thirty minutes, and you can decide if we make a good fit.



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