My Productivity Hacks that help me run my business and household!

My Productivity Hacks that help me run my business and household!

In order for me to run a successful Life Coaching Business out of my house, keep my marriage fresh, and raise our three children, I need organization instead of chaos! I live and die by my planner and Google Calendar especially now that I have added teacher to my resume! I would encourage you to find a planner you like and that has an area with a daily “to-do” list. I also use Google Calander because this is how I time block my day and color code for work, school, clients, and kids, and my husband has access to it.

At the end of the month, I do an activity called a brain dump where I write all of my “to-do” items (success lists) and my business “to-do” list (success list). When I do this, it allows me to figure out my daily “to-do” lists and it helps me figure out what is a priority and what can wait to be done.

I sit down each Saturday with clarity and focus so that I can plan out my next week. The first step is to plug in all the appointments for the kids, my clients appointments, birthdays, deadlines, ect into my weekdays. The next step is writing daily “to-do” lists starting with my top three at the top. The top three are my must-dos. I refer to them as Eating My Frogs which is Brian Tracy reference from his book called “Eat That Frog.” I start with the big things or the things that I don’t want to do but will drive my business because I know they are important.

I am an early riser so I do like write my blog when the kids are sleeping so that I can minimize distractions. If I don’t, I would be typing what they say in my blog! Since we have been quarantine, I schedule my calls and webinars around when they can do quiet things such as reading or work on the computer so I won’t have distractions. Another suggestion that is helpful is eliminating multi-tasking. Even though we think we are good at it, we are not good at it! Multi-tasking causes more distractions and mistakes. It actually causes you to take longer on a project. Go back to eating that one frog at a time then cross it off your list!

I struggle with this next subject…learning to say NO to things. I love to say yes to every opportunity but I can’t. At some point, I have to say no so that I can be balanced and that my husband, kids and clients get the best of me. Just because I say no now does not mean no forever.

For as long as I can remember, I use the method of time blocking. I sit down and assign an amount of time to a task. I work on the task for that allotted time. If I get it done great, if I don’t then I table to another day. This helps me stay on task for the day. It also keeps me from doing just the things I like but also doing the things I don’t like such as folding laundry!

I have been using these tips for the last 17 years while working from home and raising kids. Prior to working from home, I also implemented similar methods so I was productive in the workforce.

I would love to hear your feedback on these tips or if you have tips that work for you!



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