Through Thick and Thin, She Is My Best Friend!

Through Thick and Thin, She Is My Best Friend!

I met Jennifer in Mrs. Rezzepa’s Freshmen English Class. She was shy and reserved and so was I. She did not like me much, but somehow we were paired up for a project, and the rest was history. We have been best friends since 1988! All it took was being paired for a project, and we have been inseparable ever since.

Our friendship endured me attending University out of state. We kept in touch by letters and phone calls because Skype, FaceTime, and Zoom were not available yet! We had to do it the old fashion way but it worked for us.

I was in her wedding and she was in mine. I am her daughter’s Godmother, and she is my eldest daughter’s Godmother. Her kids call me Aunt Jenn, and my kids call her Aunt Jen. She is tall, and I am short. She is Italian and I am Maltese so we are both dark haired and olive skinned with big brown eyes!

But here is the honest to God truth, none of that matters because Jennifer is a true definition what a best friend is! She loves me unconditionally, she is non-judgmental, she holds me when I cry, she celebrates me when I deserve it.

Jen has literally saved my life this summer. She has loved me through an Eating Disorder and Bipolar Depression. When I had one foot over the edge of the ledge ready to end it all, she was ready to take me to the hospital. She helped with my kids so Mike and my parents could get me situated. She was just there. She called me at the hospital. She gave me space when I needed it. She was everything I needed her to be without me asking her.

See, this was not the first time she has had to be there for me. She was there when my marriage was in ruins, she was there when my heart was broken on numerous occasions, she was there at the birth of all three of my children.

Jen is consistently there for me. Jen was there when we got lost during our first half-marathon in Nashville and then later, when we nearly missed our flight home. See, it was my idea to do half-marathon out of state and celebrate so that we almost missed it!

Jen makes me laugh so hard at times that I start to cry! She is the epitome of what a best friend is and yet she does not expect anything in return.

I pray she knows what her friendship means to me. I know it has saved my life. I love her like a sister. I am blessed beyond measure. I praise God everyday for Mrs. Rezzepa pairing us up in Freshmen English Class.

If you have a best friend like I do, take time to tell them what they mean to you and thank God because it is a true blessing!

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