How and Why I Decided to Lose Weight Once and For All!

How and Why I Decided to Lose Weight Once and For All!

Back in November 2019, I saw a photo of myself from a wedding, and I was so sad after I saw it. I had gained so much weight! It was that moment I knew I had to do something about it that did not include yo-yo dieting or binging or purging.

That following Monday, I joined Weight Watchers. I joined Weight Watchers for accountability. I feel their meetings are top-notch and their program is rated number one.

The next thing I did was write my WHY for wanting to lose weight. My WHY needed to be concrete enough to get through times when I might want to give up. It is stronger than I want to lose weight because at the end of the day when you are hungry that won’t cut it! It has to propel you to keep you going day after day, week after week, and month after month! Your WHY drives you to attend meetings even if you might have put on weight or you don’t feel like going. My WHY got me through the holiday season!

After, I shared my goals with my family and close friends so they could help me be held accountable and cheer me along the way. You are more likely to succeed at a goal when you share your goals so if you are hiding your goals start sharing them!

Another thing I do is keep a weight loss journal where I track what is going on in a day. I keep track of my feelings, if I am drinking my water, if I am on track with my points, and if I worked out. It is very short and sweet; however, it is an amazing tool because I am able to see where might have struggled during a week. I also track my food in the Weight Watchers App so I can hold myself accountable and stay within my daily points.

I am also consistent with working out daily; however, if I need a rest day I take it because you need to listen to your body. I love how it makes me after I complete a workout. I follow a program through Beachbody on Demand which is like the Netflix of all workouts. I am currently doing 100 day Morning Meltdown and I love it! So while I am losing weight, I am also toning up my muscles.

Since beginning Weight Watchers, I have lost 28 pounds. I am losing steadily each week. I am eating clean foods yet I am not cooking separate from my family. I still enjoy a glass of wine and eating out. The program is easy to follow. I know once I lose all the weight I will be able to stay in maintenance because they taught me the tools to eat properly.

The best part is I don’t feel deprived or I am starving myself! I encourage you if you are looking to get healthy find a program that will work for YOU! Don’t look for shortcuts or easy ways to lose weight because they weight will come back on. What I love about Weight Watchers is I can use recipes I have already and input them into our app and they will convert them into points for me.

For once in my life, I have created a lifestyle change instead of a short cut to losing weight!

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