Oh my, I think we need a family meeting!

Oh my, I think we need a family meeting!

I was having an out of body experience as I was watching my children, husband, and myself interact! The interaction was edgy, sloppy, not kind, and did not coordinate with our core values!

Hold up, did we have core values? Did we ever discuss core values? Did we have a family mission? Were we working together or against each other? Don’t get me wrong, we loved each other but right now we were not working congruently with what Mike and I hoped our family would be like when we were dreaming of having children.

The problem was we never implemented our core values with the kids because we were knee-deep in child-rearing that it never occurred to us to come up with a plan! I did not realize we needed a family meeting until I was going through therapy and life coaching. We needed to tame the beast!

So one evening, I arranged for us to have a family meeting. We gathered together and came up with core values, shared why we loved each other, what was going well, and what we were struggling with. We laughed and cried; however, we tamed the beast!

Now, when the kids are fight I can say are you acting according to our core values? It takes the pressure off of me to constantly be correcting when they can self-correct.

Family Meetings can produce so many wonderful things for your family. For instance, it improves communication skills. It provides children the opportunity to become self-less by learning about others and the world around them. I love how it helps us reflect on our feelings and learn how to process them. Family meetings help with overcoming challenges together.

Children learn to work as a team which is a valuable characteristic to have later in life. Another example, it helps you establish core family values. We use this to help settle disagreements and distribute punishments. I love how we are able to plan family events, goals, fun times, and family projects. Also, it allows us to show appreciation for each other. Since we implemented the meetings, we have more family time or one one one time with the kids.

It is not too early or too late to start Family Meetings. I promise you they are painless and fun! Most of all they have made a huge impact on our family!

My challenge to you is schedule one! Message me at jennifer@jenniferminchin.com, and I will send you my FREE Family Meeting Agenda.



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