My Three Words that Describe Me

My Three Words that Describe Me

It is common to come up with a word for the year, but have you heard about coming up with THREE WORDS you want the world to know you about you. Before I tell you about my three words, I will tell you my word of the year. My word of the year is TRANSFORMATION because I am in the middle of transforming my body, mind, and soul.

Last fall, I was in a class ,and I was presented 100 descriptive words that could potentially describe me. I took the words and narrowed them down to fifty words next twenty words, then fifteen words, then ten until we came up with our top three.

My first word is Authentic. If I inspire women to be their most authentic selves, I need to be authentic. I believe when we are authentic, we are able to be free from living behind a mask or hiding behind things we are ashamed of. I try to be as transparent as possible with my clients, friends, and family. If I share my shortcomings, experiences, mistakes, then maybe I can help someone. I try to align my words and actions to ensure they are congruent. I am assertive and open-minded. I try to reciprocate and cultivate deep and meaningful relationships.

The next word is to Serve or to be a Servant to others. I give to others without expecting anything in return. I share knowledge, ideas, gifts, and thoughts because it might help someone in need. I strive to live as Jesus Christ did; however; that is a tough act to follow. I believe in giving to others before giving to myself. I believe in collaborating with people because two minds are better than one.

My final word is being Positive. I am a joy maker, optimistic, and I like to see the bright side of things. I see things as half full instead of half empty. I have been through hell and back so I know you can pull through the other side of things. I live with bipolar but I refuse to let it own me. I choose to see the bright side of things! I see people for the good they are instead of their faults. And when I am in funks, I allow myself to feel it; however, I will not allow myself to stay there.

I encourage you to find your three words and post them around your house. Live by them. You may come up with a top-five and that is okay. There are more words to describe me but I narrowed it down to these three. My three words are taped onto my computer so I can see them daily when I work. It makes me think is my actions being congruent with my words I am speaking and typing, am I being positive, and I am serving someone with what I am sharing?



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