Taming the Chaos with Children During the Quarantine

Taming the Chaos with Children During the Quarantine

We are certainly experiencing unprecedented times. As parents, we are trying to navigate the waters of uncertainty while providing our children with a stable and calm home. It can begin to take a toll on you and/or your spouse/significant other. Some of us already work from home and know how to navigate it with children underfoot while others were just thrown into the situation! Plus, now we have the additional stress of doing schoolwork with them. Add to the mix, we are simply doing this alone because we can’t rely on each other for support because we are in isolation!

Here is the thing, you can still rely on your tribe! There are ways to connect and share knowledge to get through some of the school work together. You can do zoom calls and share the weight of teaching the kids. You can share ideas to keep the kids busy by coming up with creative ideas for fun projects.

Besides relying on your tribe for help, there are a ton of resources on the internet. For instance, NASA is offering free STEM projects for kids. Broadway is offering free shows for children and families to watch. Many of the paid learning sites are waving their fees so students have access to them so they can be integrated into their learning. The American Ballet Theater is streaming ballet classes for all ages. YouTube has a ton of free workout videos for kids and adults. Zoos are offering learning experiences. For your teenagers, there are websites like SkillShare which has a plethora of classes. You can get a trial membership.

I learned early that I needed to be flexible with my routine and someone else’s routine might not work for my family. I would suggest on Sunday nights have a Family Meeting to go over expectations and ground rules for the upcoming week. Get your kids’ input. Let them know when you have important conference calls so they know mom/dad is busy during those times. Interweave fun breaks into the day so the kids can decompress, and you can too. I have found myself enjoying http://www.gonoodle.com alongside my eight-year-old daughter over the last two weeks for stretch breaks.

I know this is a challenging time! I know we are all feeling the stress of it. I encourage you to give yourself grace each day and self-care. There will be an end to all this chaos. And in the end, we will be much stronger for it.

If you need additional support, you can set up a FREE Discovery Call with me. During our call, we can come up with some strategic techniques to help you get through this time of uncertainty. You can go to http://www.jenniferminchin.com and leave me a message.

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