Taming the Inner Critic with Positive Self-Talk

Taming the Inner Critic with Positive Self-Talk

We all have that inner critic! It is that voice in our head that tells us that we are not good enough, or we are fat. The voice is loud and overbearing. It can be obnoxious and downright rude. It can bring you to your knees, and it can bring you to tears!

I have dealt with that Inner Critic for so long that it took over my life. I believed all the lies it told me. I believed I was not good enough, pretty enough, not thin enough, smart enough… The Inner Critic had a grip on me that was so tight that it was destroying everything in my life until I started to tame the Inner Critic with Positive Self-Talk!

I would love to tell you this happened overnight; however, I would be feeding you a bunch of lies. It took getting to know my Inner Critic and what made her tick. I did this through journaling, reading, self-reflection and working with an amazing therapist and Life Coach. Once I knew her, I learned strategies to tame her with positive self-talk.

One strategy for taming the Inner Critic is to bring awareness of the problem. Once you become aware of the negative self-talk, you can learn to re-frame your thoughts.

Another strategy is to challenge your beliefs! Remember, the Inner Critic is a LIAR! You don’t have to believe what she says. Just because your mind goes there does not mean it defines you

The fourth strategy is be aware of your environment. Are you around toxic people? Surround yourself with positive people. I am not saying ditch your friends but maybe try to meet some new friends that would bring some positive vibes into your life.

Finally, practice positive thoughts daily to push out the negative thoughts. Read motivational quotes, read personal development, journal and listen to positive podcasts. I love to get up in the morning and listen to positive affirmations on YouTube. I also have positive affirmations written down around my house so I see them when I pass them by.

If I feel like the Inner Critic is starting to creep back into my life, I use the above strategies. I will take a deep breath and remember to provide myself grace, and I shut her down with positive self-talk instead of listening to her lies!

One thought on “Taming the Inner Critic with Positive Self-Talk

  1. Beautifully said. Women tend to believe inner lies in their head. Positive feedback about yourself is what God created us for . yes we go through daily struggles but God uses these struggles to to strengthen us when we are weak. Comforts us through our struggles and leads us in a straight path . you can talk about your struggle but finish it with a positive statement because it is what God wants and it for His glory through Jesus Christ

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