My Story

My Story

As long as I can remember, I loved hearing people’s stories. It brought joy to my life and it still does. I think that is why I was drawn to Psychology and Women’s Study in College. I wanted to hear women’s stories, and I wanted to inspire them to live their very most authentic life!

Fast forward 27 years, I still enjoy the story telling and getting to know people. I want to know what makes them thrive and what makes them stuck in a situation. There is nothing more exciting then unveiling the layers of dreams, hopes, and aspirations of a woman who is ready to step into herself!

I have been there. I have been stuck. I have been desperate and then I have bloomed. I became my most authentic self!

Are you ready to bloom? Are you ready to peel back layers of hurt, destruction, and things that hold you back, so you become your most authentic self?

If you are, I am ready to work with you! Together, we can tell your story and perhaps change the outcome of the ending chapters as you step into your most confident self!

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