About Me:

I am Jennifer and see the potential in all women.  It is my passion to inspire women to live their most authentic life! I am full of energy and a caring person.  I have an an entrepreneurial spirit as I have been in MLM and Direct Sales for 18 years.  Prior to be in Direct Sales and in MLM, I was a Social Worker where I helped Women on Welfare return to the workforce while providing them with skills as such as building their confidence, filling out applications, and presenting themselves during an interview. 

 I am passionate about helping women navigating life and business with mental illnesses, taking care of your body both physically and mentally, and helping women turn their passion projects into reality.  I received Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Women’s Study and a Master of Science in Human Resources. 

I decided to take my expertise and passion to help women and become a Life Coach. 

My favorite part of Life Coaching is when a client has a break through and sees herself through a different lens and is one step closer to being her most authentic self. 

In my spare time, I love spending time with my family, reading, exercising, and scrapbooking!

I am married to my husband Mike, and we have three beautiful children!

My job starts with you: understanding what you need, so I can offer you options that make sense. Contact me for a complimentary 30 minute session.

Products and Services:

I offer the following service:

  • One on One Coaching
  • Retreats
  • Book Clubs
  • Authentic You Mastermind Group

Do you want to improve your communications skills?

Do you want to ignite your passion for your personal life and business?

Do you want to see your family dynamics change?

Do you want to improve your health and wellness?

Do you want joy, passion, and authenticity in your life?

Do you want connectivity in your relationships?

Do you want to be most authentic version of yourself?

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Jennifer Minchin-Life Coach
734-673-6550 or jennifer@jenniferminchin.com



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